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The second thing outside the purpose of setting up a business for profitability is to have equipment that are safe and comfortable to work with in that order. This is done in order to deliver goods and services appropriately to customers’ and meet their expectations. Therefore, choosing barber chairs should be done meticulously since it’s a major tool in delivering services.

Choice could be good or bad depending on what is being chosen at the end of the day. When choosing barber chairs, the following five (5) tips should be conceived for a lasting, functional and strong barber chairs:

· Durability

· Ergonomics

· Comfortability

· Standards (Quality)

· Support Platform

DURABILITY: barber chairs should be long-lasting in their production and able to serve customers’ needs for a relatively long period of time from the dimension of purchase.

ERGONOMICS: The design of barber chairs should be functional and user-friendly and not pose any injury from poor invention in relation to the customer and barber.

COMFORTABILITY: Barber chairs should be well upholstered from top to bottom all round to aid a soothing sensation on all parts of the body.

STANDARDS (QUALITY): Barber chairs should be made from good quality metal materials and durable coverings or upholsteries that will stand the test of time.

SUPPORT PLATFORM: Barber chairs should have good and stable platform for supporting the weight of a customer on it so as to prevent fall off that might cause injury.

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